My Story

I am passionate about Father God and His Word.  As a young child, the Bible was the first book I remember reading.  Without any adult to guide me, I was very close to my Heavenly Father, until a desire to be accepted by others pulled my attention away from Him.  

My upbringing and early adult life was traumatic and tumultuous, and left me emotionally scarred. I was painfully shy, socially awkward, and filled with fear and suspicion.  I felt so abnormal.  While others my age were dreaming of careers and families, my greatest and only ambition was to be able to walk into a room full of people and blend in with everyone else.

In my mid twenties, I repeatedly cried out to the Father to please “make me normal”.  The Father graciously answered the cry of my confused heart – just not as I expected.

He started walking a healing journey with me to unravel the mess inside.  I fell in love with the Word again, and bit by bit, revelation by revelation – He brought healing to my soul.

Today I have a strong confidence in the power of the Word and humbly believe I am a living testimony to the life flowing through it’s pages.  

I have always been a “feeler” – I feel deeply – and I can literally feel God’s life flowing through my veins, refreshing me and recalibrating me, when I spend time with Him in the Word. I feel His water washing over my mind and cleansing me from the world.  

My journey with the Father and Jesus into the Word, has uncovered so many treasures inside of it.  Every time I take His outstretched hand and walk with Him, He shows me mysteries that delight my soul.  He asks me now to share these treasures with others, as He shares them with me, because they were never meant for me alone.  By His grace, I will share them from every platform He chooses to give me.  

I believe this website is one of those platforms. To the Father, each person is precious to Him. If I would touch and bless only you, the effort of this website would be well worth it.
No matter your life’s journey, we are all called to grow up to look more like Jesus.  And no matter your life’s journey – very good or very bad – we all can.  

My prayer is that many will fall in love with the Word as they taste it and see that it is indeed, very very good.  

The journey into the Father’s heart begins with the first step.  Please join me,



Tanya completed her B(Psych) degree at the University of South Africa and worked as a registered counselor for a few years. She later also graduated from Charis Bible College, where she became rooted in the goodness of God.  She is a contributing writer to a Christian women’s magazine, and also helps others put their life testimonies about the goodness and faithfulness of Father God into book form, in order to bless and encourage others.  Tanya is a single mother of 3 gorgeous and precious children – ages 15, 13 and 9.


To mentor and disciple children of God of all ages by sowing incorruptible seed into their hearts, so that they can continually be transformed into the image of Jesus.


To see people fall in love with Truth and walk in the Wisdom of the Kingdom. To share Pearls that will bring comfort and wholeness.


Kingdom Pearls are precious truths that transform and guide us through our journey on earth. These pearls are found in the Word of God as well as in the hearts and lives of His children as they have submitted to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Through teachings and testimonies, we aim to share these pearls for the benefit of others. There are so many who need godly mentoring as well as timely wisdom. There are so many who have an appetite for more of the Word. This ministry aims to share pearls from the Word and provide a platform for others to share godly wisdom on everyday living. A voice for the treasure within the body of Christ – for the body of Christ.

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