The second wave

Written By Tanya Strydom

Published Jan 23, 2021

In the very beginning of the pandemic there was a word that went out. It was a vision of a large ship carrying God’s people. The ship was in stormy waters and a large wave hit that ship and many were washed overboard. Then a second wave came that was even larger and more people were washed overboard. I believe we are now in that second wave. 

Many who grabbed on during the first wave and remained steady, are weary and in danger of being swept away in fear now. 

The images and news on the world stage are actually traumatizing people and opening up a door to intense fear. 

Please remember to keep your eyes on Jesus. Fast from all news and social media if you need to. You don’t have to constantly know what’s going on in the world. That’s a subtle form of trying to have control of your life, but it can end up leaving you feeling even more desperate. 

God’s Word is still the same and His instructions haven’t changed: Make melody in your heart to the Lord, be constant in prayer, think deeply about the Word, rejoice that you are in Jesus, cast your care on Him because He cares tenderly for you, and think on what is good and pure. 

When we do this, we will not be washed overboard. Rather, like Abraham, the father of our faith, we will be strong in faith with our eyes on the One who is Faithful and True. 

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